Youth Mission

Coptic Youth Mission is the umbrella under which the various youth activities, programs and initiatives in the United Kingdom are conducted under the care of Archbishop Angaelos, by and through The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre. Founded in the year 2000, CYM has concentrated on serving youth, allowing them to serve each other, and then others. The motto ‘youth with a future…’ comes from the words of His Holiness the late Pope Shenouda III to a youth convention, that ‘A Church without youth is a Church without a future’ to which one of the young people attending responded saying ‘…and youth without a Church are youth without a future.’ Our goal then is to serve the future of the Church of God, and the future of His children.

CYM aims to empower youth with the knowledge and care to live a life with God every day, as well as to be productive members of their community, and society as a whole. Another key aim is to encourage the youth themselves to become accountable to and for each other, strengthening them and forming a network of support.

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