Our Relations

The Coptic Orthodox Church has a well-known history of ecumenical influence in the formation of the early Church, which continues to this day. It has been forming and developing relationships with other Churches, faiths and official organisations in the United Kingdom for the past thirty years, and more intensively since the consecration of His Grace Bishop Angaelos as General Bishop in the United Kingdom in 1999. Good working relationships have been fostered with many ecumenical, official, charitable and non-governmental bodies, and with a respected and well-known profile within the United Kingdom, it has been able, in an ever-changing environment, to lead, influence and collaborate through these channels. Archbishop Angaelos continues this ministry as the newly-enthroned Coptic Orthodox Bishop of London and has been actively involved in establishing connections within the United Kingdom to enable the Coptic Orthodox Church to have greater recognition and an official voice in areas and issues that concern it and the wider Church.

The Coptic Orthodox Church is now a member of all the official ecumenical instruments in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, allowing it to develop and extend its role in serving our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of collaboration and partnership within an Orthodox perspective. The Church continues to work towards developing relationships with other religious and interfaith groups in this increasingly secular society and has now established contacts with government interfaith and social cohesion departments.

Visits from a variety of organisations, charities, interfaith groups and interest groups who wish to learn more about its traditions, doctrines and the work carried out both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, have invited guests to encounter the heritage and dynamic nature of this Church. As an active member of British society, the Coptic Orthodox Church looks forward to her continued participation and contribution to the progress of Christian ministry within the United Kingdom.

Archbishop Angaelos is involved in ecumenical activity at local, national and international levels, also working extensively in the area of inter-religious relations.