Anglican Communion/C of E

Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission

The Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Commission was established in 2001 and began its work by addressing questions of Christology. Building on the dialogues between the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches; it quickly produced a draft Agreement on Christology, which is currently being considered by the Churches of the Anglican Communion.

The dialogue was unfortunately suspended following the Consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson in The Episcopal Church USA in 2003, but reconvened for its second meeting in October 2013.

The third meeting of the Commission is planned to take place in Cairo, Egypt, in October 2014, hosted by the Coptic Orthodox Church, addressing themes of ecclesiology, primacy and collegiality, and pastoral co-operation. Archbishop Angaelos is a member of the Commission with His Eminence Metropolitan Bishoy, Oriental Orthodox co-Chair.

Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum in the United Kingdom (AOORF)

The Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum was formed by Standing Committee of General Synod at the request of the International Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Forum in February 1991. The Regional Forum in the United Kingdom meets at the request of the International Forum which has encouraged conversations at a regional level in various parts of the world.

Following the establishment of the Regional Forum, regular meetings involving all the member Churches are held. The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom has been a member of AOORF since its establishment.

Since the third International Forum in London in 1993 the conversations at the Regional Forum have been more focused on considering aspects of Christology as one of the principal aims of the International Forum is to reach formal Christological agreement between the Anglican Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

AOORF meets twice a year and Archbishop Angaelos has been co-Chair since March 2010.